How Can Baby Genes Serve You?

We Are Expecting a Child
We Are Family Planning
Newborn Screening
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We Are Expecting Supplemental Newborn Screening

It is important to understand what types of testing your newborn will undergo within the first days and weeks of life. Learn more about current newborn screening and how Baby Genes Newborn Panel is a great supplement to the traditional biochemical approach to screening.

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Family Planning Carrier Screening 

As you are planning for a pregnancy, it is important to understand genetic information about you and your spouse. Through carrier screening, you are able to identify genetic risks that may be passed down to your child. By understanding your hereditary risks, action can be taken during or after the pregnancy to ensure the best care for your infant.

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If you would like to discuss Baby Genes services with your provider, please present the Baby Genes Conversation Starter pamphlet at your next visit!