Step 1Get informed by reviewing our website and talking to your healthcare provider
Step 2Order your collection kit and create an on-line account at checkout
Step 3Receive your kit, collect your sample and return it to Baby Genes in the provided shipping materials
Step 4Await Baby Genes processing and results reporting (7-10 days)
For Carrier Screening, Baby Genes will detect and report Single Nucleotide Variants (SNVs) and minor Insertions/Deletions (INDELs)
Baby Genes will report any Pathogenic, Likely Pathogenic or Variants of Unknown Significance (VOUS) across the entire panel of genes
Step 5Log-in to your on-line account and retrieve your results
Step 6Share your results with your health care provider

All Baby Genes tests are physician-ordered

All Baby Genes tests are ordered by a physician—either your own or one of ours who will review your information and can order testing on your behalf. If any questions arise, the physician will contact you. Your physician will receive a copy of your results if they have ordered testing for you, or we can send them a copy per your request.

All results are reviewed by a physician

Every result is reviewed by a physician before it is released.

Share your results with your healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider can help you create a personalized plan with your results. We’ll also send your results directly to your provider if you’d like.