Step 1A medical provider determines whether diagnostic or confirmatory testing is necessary
Step 2If the test request is not governed by an institutional billing agreement or the patient has decided not to do private-pay, patient insurance information must be used for pre-authorization
Step 3Responsible physician will fax the test requisition form to (303) 865-3892 including specific patient information necessary for proper test result interpretation
Step 4Sample is collected and shipped to the Baby Genes Lab
Step 5Await Baby Genes processing and results reporting (<96 hours)
For Diagnostic/Reflex testing, Baby Genes will detect and report Single Nucleotide Variants (SNVs) and minor Insertions/Deletions (INDELs). In addition, Baby Genes will run additional algorithms for both Copy Number Variation (CNV) and low frequency mutations (mosaicism).
Baby Genes will report any Pathogenic or Likely Pathogenic variants across the entire panel and Variants of Unknown Significance (VOUS) in the targeted/suspect regions
Step 6Results will be faxed or emailed to the ordering physician