Baby Genes Supplemental Newborn Screening – Dried Blood Spot


Please note, all tests requests must be signed by a licensed healthcare professional. Baby Genes will support you in getting the necessary approvals. Due to licensing restrictions, this test is not available in New York State.

Use the dried blood spot kit if you plan on getting the sample taken at birth. The sample can be collected via heel prick or from cord blood.


  1. Order a kit
  2. Take it with you to your next doctor’s appointment to discuss the value of supplemental testing (it is a good idea to get the requisition form signed before you go to the hospital for delivery)
  3. Take the kit with you to the hospital and give it to one of the healthcare providers supporting you
  4. Collect sample as practicable after birth and then return it Baby Genes with the provided shipping materials
  5. Results will be available as fast as possible but usually under five days